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8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Cleveland Hip and Knee Institute

Providing leading-edge expert hip and knee care using minimally invasive surgical techniques, our exceptional patient care helps to ensure that our patients have a smooth recovery so they can get back to doing the things they love.

Joint Replacement Specialists

An orthopedic specialist is the best place to start when you have muscle or joint pain. Orthopedic specialists spend their careers focusing on a specific area. They develop a deep expertise that a generalist simply cannot offer. Specialists offer the most advanced treatments to manage your pain and injuries in the most efficient manner. For the most accurate diagnosis and highest quality care, see a specialist first.

Nicholas Callahan, DO
Nicholas Callahan, DODirector, Cleveland Hip and Knee Institute
Dr. Callahan uses the kinematic alignment method when performing knee replacement surgeries. This customized method positions the knee with the goal of restoring the native, pre-arthritic joint lines and rotational axes of a patient’s knee.

Our Services

Operating in partnership with NOMS Healthcare, Cleveland Hip and Knee Institute treats patients with all types of hip and knee disorders. Our knee and hip specialists take the time to understand your goals and medical history to guide you in the most appropriate care to meet your needs –even if that means a non-surgical option.

Offering a full range of surgical care, including total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and total hip replacement.